Configuring ASUS AAM6010EV-T4 in Bridge Mode

  1. Open the Internet Explorer or a web browser of your choice and type in the address bar.
    When login screen appears (click on picture below for magnified view), enter Admin in both the Username and Password fields. After you enter username and password, click the Log in button.



  1. After you log in, a main screen appears showing the current device status. Select Setup in the menu at the top of the page. Access Setup menu, then select New Connection in the left-side menu.



  1. In the Name field, enter connection name (Note: This information will be used only by the ADSL device, so you may enter anything you want. We have used 'Gama' in our example).
    Under Type, select Bridge. NAT and Firewall should be selected.
    Under PPP Settings, locate the Username and Password fields, then enter the username and password for your ADSL connection.
    Select PAP under Authentication. In the MTU field, enter 1400. Enforce MTU should be selected.
    Under PVC Settings, locate VPI and VCI. In the VPI field, enter 8, then enter 35 in the VCI field.
    When you have set the parameters, click the Apply button.


    When the configuration is complete, select Tools from the main menu, then select System Commands from the left-side menu.
    Click the Save All button and wait until the configuration is saved. Click the Restart button to restart.
    Device will automatically connect after reboot.