ASUS AAM6000UG Setup Guide

  1. First you will need to install the driver. Insert the included CD with drivers in your CD-ROM and click the setup.exe to start the installation. After short loading, installation will begin and you will get a notification. Click the OK button.



  1. Click the Next button.



  1. Select MpoA Bridge/Routed as driver type, then click the Next button.



  1. After setting options, the installation program starts copying files.



  1. When copying files is complete, select No, I will restart my computer later and click the Finish button.



  1. When the installation is complete, shut down your computer and connect your ADSL modem to your computer's USB port. Turn on the computer and wait until Windows XP starts or until you get to the Windows login screen. (Note: In Windows XP, you must login as an Administrator or have administrator rights for the installation to continue.)
    After Windows XP starts, the installation will continue.



  1. If the ADSL modem is correctly connected to your computer's USB port, Windows XP automatically installs drivers.



  1. When the installation is complete, remove the CD from your computer.



  1. If the driver installation was successful, new triangle icon appears in the system tray next to the clock.
    Icon changes color to indicate the state of your ADSL connection:
    • Red icon: The physical connection between the modem and the local terminal has not been established.
    • Yellow icon: The modem is physically connected to the local terminal.
    • Gren icon: Communication between the modem and the local terminal is extablished.


    When you have completed the setup, continue to Broadband Dial-Up connection installation.