Configuring Allied Telesyn AT AR-255E

  1. Open the Internet Explorer or your web browser of choice and type in the address bar. When prompted, enter manager as username and friend as password, then click the OK button.



  1. When you enter a username and password, a new window appears. Select Advanced Configuration from the left-side menu.



  1. A new menu appears. Select Security, then locate the line with NAT and click the Configure button.



  1. Under the NAT Configuration menu, click the Configure button.



  1. Click Disable NAT to internal interfaces, then click the Back to security page button.



  1. Return to the Security menu. Select Disabled under Firewall, then click the Apply button.



  1. Locate the Interfaces List. Under Type, click the Delete button for external, then click the Confirm delete button.



  1. Select ADSL from the left-side menu. On the ADSL Configuration page, click the Delete button under the Connections List. Next you will create a new ADSL connection for your ADSL router.



  1. In the Name field, enter the name for your ADSL connection ('Gama' in our example). In the VPI field, enter 8, then enter 35 in the VCI field. Under ATM Quality od Service Parameters, UBR should be selected.



  1. Under Connection Type, select PPP. Select PAP under Authentication Method, then enter your username and password in the designated filds. Check the box next to PPPoE and click the Add button on the left.
    After creating a new connection, select Save configuration from the left-side menu and click the Save button.